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Portucool Assoc Solidaria


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Portucool Associação Solidária
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101 Doggy Adoptions

June 15, 2021: We come to you today with great excitement in sharing our latest project: 101 Doggy Adoptions! In the coming year we aim to assist in finding 101 Portuguese dogs fantastic, loving homes both domestically and abroad. We are absolutely delighted to be launching this ambitious project and cannot wait to see all of those happy doggy faces! For more information or ways to help us reach our goal, please feel free to get in touch!

We really need to raise money

13 (!) dogs in two days i a lot for any shelter. They need treatment, protection for ticks and flies, special food etc etc.

Please help us to help o amigo fiel in Bombarral.

Please follow us on youtube. We need a lot of viewers to make a change for the better. Follow us, subscribe and share, share, share.

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A non-profit organisation

• We love to support the people and animals in need in Portugal. We aim to do this via fundraising events, advertising on our website or podcast, donations and working closely with other organisations.

• We will work with organisations on arranged projects and organize the funding for materials and manpower to supply certain said items in order to achieve their wishes.

• We like to spread the word on how cool Portugal is to live and work. We wish to show you Portugal in a Portucool way. On our website you will find many useful links and information that you may find useful.

You fwill ind our channel at Sound Cloud. We hope you will enjoy our Podcast and we are looking forward to your response, ideas or suggestions of new themes to talk about.

It cost only 25€ to advertise at our podcast.


Do you want to volunteer at any other animal rescue or adopt an animal? Please click here
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