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Festa, festa, festa!

High or low culture, or something in between – you will definitely find something for everyone all year long in Portugal. Pagan rites, Holy Week happenings, foodie festivals, big rock shows and much more, The Portuguese love their parties, many of which you’ll find nowhere else in the world. Beyond the big events, almost every town has a saint day feast or a harvest festival, which can range from a stately procession to a multi day food and entertainment festivals. So be sure you make sure to check festival dates before you plan your itinerary so to be sure you don't miss out on the fun
Festival's and partying is a part of the Portucool way of life. Enjoy!

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Portuguese Music Festivals


Every musical genre has its festival. From classical music to jazz or to fado, the melodies invade the historic centres of towns and even penetrate national monuments like castles, churches, and monasteries and convents. 








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Altice Arena

Altice Arena (formerly MEO Arena; also referred to by its original name, Pavilhão Atlântico)[1] is a multi-purpose indoor arena in LisbonPortugal. The arena is among the largest indoor arenas in the European Union and the largest in Portugal with a capacity of 20,000 people and was built in 1998 for Expo '98.

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