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Fundraising activities 2021

We really need to raise money

13 (!) dogs in two days i a lot for any shelter. They need treatment, protection for ticks and flies, special food etc etc.

Please help us to help o amigo fiel in Bombarral.


101 Doggy Adoptions

June 15, 2021: We come to you today with great excitement in sharing our latest project: 101 Doggy Adoptions! In the coming year we aim to assist in finding 101 Portuguese dogs fantastic, loving homes both domestically and abroad. We are absolutely delighted to be launching this ambitious project and cannot wait to see all of those happy doggy faces! For more information or ways to help us reach our goal, please feel free to get in touch!

One big fundraising activity is about keeping the dogs dry

There is a special kind of floor paint that will make it so much easier for the volunteers to clean the kennels AND keep the floor a lot drier for the paws.

Please make a donation so we can keep the paws dry. 

Amigo o Fiel is not the only shelter we will help re the floor paint – only the first shelter.

We started this project 2020 and we think we can close this cause during 2021.


Special dogs with special needs

Many dogs need special food or medicine. They could be sick or just very old. Say hallo to Nico and Chicken.

IMG_6662 2.JPG

Supports shelters with improvements

Many shelters do not have enough volunteers - therefor most of their times will of course go to the animals.

We help out as much as we can with smaller improvements.

cuddling Cats

Expanding a cat shelters outdoor space

We will expand the outdoor space for the cats at Associação Rede Leonardo Da Vinci, at the Silver coast. More details will come as soon as we start. Probably July/August 2021.


Fundraising Activities

amigo fiel.jpg

Our first fundraising activity was not small

Our first fundraising event starts at October 26th 2019. It was for a dog shelter in Bombarral where they have no enclosed safe space for the dogs. Which means that the dogs only got out in the corridor for a couple of minutes while the volunteers clean their cages. And because the shelter is lacking volunteers the dogs only got out for walks a few days per month.

Can you believe how life changing it was for the dogs to be able to run and play every day?

Love from the Portucool team


Do you have second hand blankets/jackets and/or rain coats for dogs to give away? Please send an email to us at

Image by Philippe Oursel
bilu röntgen.jpg
bilu efteråt.jpg

Meet Bilú

This little fellow broke his both front legs really bad. He is a rescue dog and found a lovely home. Unfortunately, he escaped from the dog sitter and the worst happened and the dog owner has no financial capacity to pay for everything. We manage to raise money for his surgery and some for his treatment afterwards. Thank you all for your amazing support!


Meet Ozzy

Ozzy is a lovely little donkey at Elsa's Ark in Bombarral. He is 1,5 years old and a real sweet heart. Ozzy like treats like apples and carrots and a lot of cuddles. He has been diagnosed with dysplasic hips and therefore he needs treatment every 5 week (one tablet cost 50€) and a special diet – all very expensive.

Thank you for all your support!


Unwrapping presenter
IMG_5432 2.JPG

Christmas gifts for children

We continued with our co-operation with the charity organisation Odom do Trevo, Caldas da Rainha. We managed to give away 47 big christmas gifts to children between the age of 0 to 17.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Extra hugs to Natalya Gray with family.

IMG_5440 3.JPG

Food to Loja Social da Nazaré

We managed to raise some money so we could support some families with food, soap, shower cream, toilette paper etc. just before christmas.

Loja Social da Nazaré's idea is social response based on principles of solidarity and social responsibility. Together we intend to help the immediate needs of families in need, through the distribution of goods, donated by both individuals and companies. In this way, we will be contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of families in situations of greater vulnerability and, consequently, to mitigate the effects of poverty and social exclusion.

Tröjor på en rack

Second hand clothes and toys 

We also managed to collect a lot of second hand clothes, toys, a big christmas tree and some christmas ornaments.

We gave it to Loja Social da Nazaré.

Extra big thank you to Banco Millennium, Nazaré and our dear board member Karen.


Dog food and treats 

In the beginning of 2021 we visited another dog shelter in Marinha Grande together with Deb Findlow. Of course we brought some food and treats with us for the doggies. 


Eastern eggs 

Once again we continued with our co-operation with the charity organisation Odom do Trevo, Caldas da Rainha. This time we gave away some eastern eggs to the children.

ashleys 100 km run.jpg

Charity run 

3 March our lovely creative director and treasurer started his charity run. He promised to run100 kilometres in 4 weeks! And guess what? He made it!

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